Panel "Hydrangea"


Panel "Hortensia" from the studio of Evgenia Ermilova.?

Live hydrangeas are very beautiful, but whimsical to care for. The artist has embodied the natural tenderness and grace of a hydrangea in the painting, and it is very easy to care for a sculptural flower. It will not fade, not dry out, not fade, but will delight with beauty all year round!

Delicate shades, textured background and gradient transitions in the hydrangea inflorescence. A perfect painting for the living room, kitchen, bedroom or children's room.

▪️ Panel size 25x25 cm

▪️ Base - wood, 2 cm thick

▪️ The work is covered with a protective varnish.

▪️ There are suspensions.

▪️ The work was done by the workshop of Evgeniya Ermilova.

SIZES: 25x25x2 cm

MOUNTING: suspensions