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Art materials of the Evgenia Ermilova ™ brand
Evgenia Ermilova is the founder of the school of sculptural painting and the production of special materials for this technique: plaster for sculptural painting, plaster for relief ornamentation "Reliefka", Crackle plaster, patina "Dirt", "invisible" varnish, as well as tools for applying plaster-palette knives.

Currently, Evgenia Ermilova produces and sells materials for sculptural painting and other decoration techniques under her personal brand Evgenia Ermilova ™. Materials are produced in Russia and exported to 26 countries of the world. They have all the necessary quality certificates.

Why are Evgenia Ermilova ™ sculptural materials so unique?
They allow you to create gorgeous decor items with voluminous flowers and other elements up to 5 cm high.

After drying, the plaster is as strong as stone. Your work will survive transportation even by Mail.

Draw complex three-dimensional patterns and ornaments without stencils with special "Reliefka" plaster.
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