Consent to the processing of personal data

1. Hereby, in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" of 07/27/2006, freely, by my own will and in my interest, I express my unconditional consent to the processing of my (hereinafter "User") personal data to the Individual Entrepreneur Ermilova Evgenia Alexandrovna (INN 371104832008, PSRN 316370200095344), registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation at the address: 350055 Krasnodar, pos. Znamensky, terr. DNT "Znamenskiy" st. Kubanskaya 11 (hereinafter referred to as the Operator).
2. Personal data - any information relating to a specific or determined on the basis of such information to an individual.
Operator's video courses - video courses posted on the Operator's website.
3. This Consent has been issued by me for the processing of the following personal data:
- Full Name
- E-mail address
- Address of the place of registration and / or permanent residence
- Cell phone number
- IP address, MAC address of a personal computer, information about the operating system used, hardware configuration of a personal computer
- Data about used profiles in social networks
- Data about gender, age, date and place of birth, family relationships, which can be obtained by automatic or personal analysis of my profiles on social networks
- Passport data, photo or scanned copy of a passport or other uniquely identifying document
- technical data automatically collected by means of cookies
4. Data on the bank cards, e-wallet accounts and other means of payment used to pay for goods and services of the Supplier are not collected by this site. This Agreement explains to me that after placing the order and choosing the form of payment, there will be an automatic redirection to the server of the Payment System, with which I will have to conclude a separate Agreement if necessary.
5. Consent is given to the Operator to perform the following actions with my personal data using automation tools and / or without using such means: marketing activity of the Operator, including sending me via e-mails, telephone
calls, SMS or push messages, messages from messengers and personal messages on social networks of commercial offers and other other information about the goods and services of the Operator, unambiguous identification of the authenticity of my identity and transferred personal data, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing ), use, depersonalization, transfer to third parties for the purposes indicated below, as well as the implementation of any other actions provided for by the current legislation of the Russian Federation in both manual and automated ways.
6. This consent is given to the Operator, the Operator's employees and third parties (hereinafter "Operator's Partners"):
- IE Med Vladimir Viktorovich (OGRNP 317332800017242, TIN 772585387783 (Service for protecting video courses from illegal copying "Infoprotector"),
- LLC Bashuk Chichkanov. Law Firm "(external legal service of the Operator),
- LLC "Sdek" (courier service "SDEK"),
- LLC Zheldorekspeditsiya (transport company Zheldorekspeditsiya),
- LLC "PEC" ("Transport company" PEC "),
- LLC "Business lines" ("Transport company" Business lines "),
- FSUE Russian Post (Russian Post, EMC courier service),
- Yandex LLC,
- LLC "Google"
- any other legal entities affiliated with the Operator's Partners
- any other legal entities with which the Operator has entered into agreements providing for the transfer and protection of Personal Data
- to the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, other state bodies of the Russian Federation in pursuance of the requirements of state bodies transferred to the Operator through an official request or a court decision
- to law enforcement authorities, judicial and executive authorities of third countries, in which the Operator conducts its activities as an exporter, in the framework of ensuring legal requests
to process my personal data for the following purposes:
- organization of delivery of goods and services of the Supplier in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation,
- activation on my equipment of serial numbers for video courses provided by the Operator,
- control over the use and illegal distribution of the Operator's video courses,
- unambiguous confirmation of the authenticity of my identity and the transferred personal data,
-tracking actions that violate the copyright and related rights of the Operator and the Operator's Partners,
- transfer of information to law enforcement and judicial authorities of the Russian Federation and other states for the purpose of conducting an investigation, initiating criminal cases and civil lawsuits in case of detection of illegal copying and distribution of the Operator's video courses or other offenses / crimes.
7. I hereby confirm that the Operator is right ve to stop providing my access to the video courses, as well as this site, in whole or in part, until I provide information that unambiguously confirms the authenticity of my identity and the accuracy of the transferred personal data.
8. This consent is valid until its withdrawal by sending a notification to the email address in- If I revoke my consent to the processing of personal data, the Operator has the right to continue processing personal data without my consent if there are grounds specified in clauses 2-11 of part 1 of article 6, part 2 of article 10 and part 2 of article 11 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On personal data "dated 27.06.2006. In this case, the Operator has the right to suspend / terminate the provision of services to me and the effect of other agreements posted as public offers on this website and / or the Operator's resources in social networks
9. The operator has the right at any time to change the terms of the Agreement unilaterally
10. The Operator hereby undertakes to protect the transferred Personal Data using a combination of technical and legal means provided for by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152-ФЗ "On Personal Data" dated June 27, 2006.