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To the organizers of the master classes
Evgenia Ermilova is a professional colorist, author of the "sculptural painting" art technique, creates exclusive clocks, panels, mirrors and other interior items. Evgenia is a teacher who has developed a unique teaching system that allows anyone to master the technique of "sculptural painting", even who cannot draw.

In 2020, the Online School of Sculpture Painting was launched, the master classes of which are available in several languages: Russian, English, German, Arabic, Czech, Indonesian (Bahasa). Now people around the world can learn sculptural painting online without leaving their homes.

Today master classes on the territory of the Russian Federation are conducted by certified teachers - masters working in the "Sculptural painting" technique, who have undergone special training from Evgenia Ermilova. For master classes abroad, it is possible for the artist Evgenia Ermilova to travel.
If you want to invite the artist Evgenia Ermilova to your country to conduct a master class, you, as an organizer, must meet the following criteria:

- you should have a real opportunity to recruit a group of students to participate in the master
class from 100 people.
- If there is no distributor of our brand materials in your country, you must
organize the distribution of materials to your country. If in your country or region
our distributor is present, you must first contact this
- The organizer of the master classes must have legal grounds for conducting commercial activities and accepting funds from students (registered legal entity, cash register, website, required licenses, the ability to provide a business or work visa).
- Organization of a master class by Evgenia Ermilova is possible no earlier than 6 calendar months after your first request.
- The organizer of the master class independently bears all the costs of organizing it, determines the cost, implements the policy of working with students. We are not in any way
we interfere with the organizer's business processes. We recommend taking from students an advance payment of at least 30% of the total cost of the master class upon registration, but this is just our recommendation.
- The organizer of the master class must ensure the legality of the stay (and the conduct of paid teaching activities) for Evgenia Ermilova and her staff in your country.
- All prices are calculated in Russian rubles.
- At master classes we work only with materials from our brand.

Payment for the master class and financial interaction
The organizer pays a fixed fee for each student for each day of work. The amount of the fixed remuneration is determined in the course of negotiations.

What is the master class of Evgenia Ermilova
The master class is held in small groups of 10-25 people (the maximum number of students who can attend the master class is 28 people). The duration of the master class is 8 hours with one lunch break (30-40 minutes). Depending on the complexity of the program or the progress of the group, the master class can be extended by 1 - 2 hours.

Evgenia demonstrates the technique, then interacts with each student personally, going around the tables at which students sit, correcting student mistakes and giving personal instructions. In the first half of the master class, students train to make flowers, in the second half they do the finished work. As a result, each student leaves the master-class with a finished work made in the "Sculptural painting" technique.

We have standard programs: Roses, Peonies, Irises, Poppies, Orchid, Rose miniature (using a technique to create jewelry using the example of a ring), Hydrangea and a bird, Chrysanthemum. We provide marketing materials with photographs of finished works, which are made specifically for master classes. Also, the student receives a unified certificate that he attended the master class.
We usually offer a comprehensive student preparation program consisting of 4-5 master classes (different colors). At 1 master class, we study 1 flower from different angles and do one finished work.

Over the past 5 years, Evgenia has held more than fifty master classes in different cities of Russia and abroad: in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Germany, Estonia.
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