Painting "Lotus Flower and Fish"


The lotus flower and fish are very loved subjects in Chinese or sumie painting. These flowers and animals represent the zen spirit of Asian art. The lotus contains many of the greatest admirable qualities that social elites throughout history desire: elegance, purity, and integrity. The elites remind themselves of who they thrive to be with these flowers. The fish are known in traditional stories to be able to jump so high that they reach the gate in the heavens and become dragons. The fish are common people just like you and me, but we can become whomever we desire by working diligently.

▪️ Size: 60 x 60 x 5 cm

▪️ Frame 2 cm thick (silver color)

▪️ The size of the picture in the frame is 64 x 64 cm

▪️ Base: wood 2 cm

▪️ Materials: paste for sculptural painting brand "Evgenia Ermilova"

▪️ Hangers available for wall mounting

▪️ Certificate of Authenticity

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